A Yorkshireman by birth, happily transplanted to the San Francisco bay area since 1996, I had a career in high-technology marketing and management before becoming a professional photographer.

I first held a camera (127, square format, twin lens reflex, I think!) on my father's knee. I got his love of photography and he passed on the fascination of seeing an image appear from nowhere in the darkroom. I got into digital photography in the '90s and have not looked back.

I love working with, and making pictures of, people. I love studio work and the street events in the Bay area provide a rich vein to tap too.

I especially like big (I mean BIG) prints and specialize in producing
prints up to 44" wide. You can purchase many of my prints that size (if your space is restricted, you can buy more modest sized images too). Take a look at the gallery.

You can contact me
here or call (415) 287 3341