Links .......
There will be very few links here; everyone included is someone I have worked with, like their work and can stand behind a personal recommendation wholeheartedly.
Heather Piazza produces great art, consults on artwork hanging (in the home or business), and is the world's best framer. If you like your framing person to have an opinion - one that helps improve your art - then Heather is for you.
John Sheridan John produces digital prints up to 44" wide. He does all my large-scale printing (I do my own up to 17") and is competitive in price with outstanding service.
Vincent Versace I've long admired Vincent's work and after spending the weekend in a workshop with him, he is the photographer I would love to spend time learning from.
Kathe Welch is an artist whose work hangs in my home. Needless to say her work was framed by Heather!