Personal tuition focused on YOU.

If :
- you have tried making sense of your camera user guide,
- your pictures don't look like what you 'saw',
- you've read the books, and can't work out how to apply it to real life picture making,

..... you are not alone!

Most of us have faced each of these (and many, many other problems) at one time or another. Sometimes we just give up - other times we struggle - often for years - without it making sense.

Now you have a way to make rapid progress with supportive, friendly, personal, one-on-one tuition customized to your needs.

I'll work with you to determine what works best for you, how you learn best, which of the basics you know already and we'll agree what gaps you want to fill. Then turn that into real learning by work with real problems with you using your camera in real situations.
I find a pleasant walk around San Francisco (or a location of your choice) can be fun - and the learning stays with you.

My rate is $45 per hour (with a two hour minimum for the first session and when I travel to you) or you can buy a 12 hour block (used as and when you wish for $450.

You can email me here or call (415) 287 3341 to book.